Video: De’Anthony Thomas goes this distance on fantastic punt return

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 27, 2012

De’Anthony Thomas has been awfully quiet the past few weeks… a little TOO quiet.

Against Colorado, however, DAT returned to doing DAT-like things and broke off this ridiculous 75-yard punt return against the Buffaloes. It looked somewhat doomed at first and then he juked 417 Colorado players to find the end zone.

Kudos to the announcer for going with the, “This isn’t supposed to happen.” No, no it is not.

Oh, Colorado.

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    1. stabler

      awesome return & awesome “screen” by his teammates!!!

      (like your font BTW)

    2. pissedoffinAZ

      Are those wings on his shoulders?

    3. ChristiantheDuckHunter

      Lousy tackling leads to “great” return…Hell, I could have returned that ball for a score against arm-tackling, bad angle, slow-footed, Golden Buffaloes on this particular play. I likely would have thrown for over 400 yards and 6 TDs as well-

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