Video: Canadian high school punting rules are the best

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 16, 2012

This is what the Big Ten needs. Well, the Big Ten needs a lot of things, but they could really use this rule in order to change the puntin’ game. Oh, the punting game will never be the same… in Canada.

We take you to a Canadian high school game, where one of the teams has just punted. The catch? Or the kicker, I guess? The other team punts it right back (it’s like a game of foot catch or something) and scores a touchdown going the other way.

Prep Rally, who unearthed this gem, explains why this is totally legal and awesome.

Unlike American football, Canadian football holds that once a punt travels more than 10 yards downfield, the kicking team can recover the free ball and regain possession. In this way, Canadian punts are essentially just like American kickoffs.

However, in a nod to rugby, Canadian football holds that on scrimmage kicks (i.e., punts and missed field goals), the returning team can respond by immediately punting the ball back to the other team, creating a free-for-all where whichever team gets to the ball first will retain possession.

What would be even better, however, is if Ron Zook and Kirk Ferentz were somehow coaching against one another in one of these games (which could actually happen soon enough) and discovered this rule.

There would be 6,754 punts kicked back and forth and the game would eventually have to be called.

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