Video: Teddy Bridgewater and his OC share a moment

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 30, 2012

Let’s end the week on an “awesome” note. Forget about realignment and your awful search for a head coach which will undoubtedly disappoint you, and watch this.

Following last night’s fantastic comeback win against Rutgers, Louisville was — as you would imagine they would be — thrilled. Teddy Bridgewater was playing with a broken wrist and sprained ankle, but they pulled it off. He looked incredibly uncomfortable throughout the game, but still played very well and they got a win.

After the game, Bridgewater has a wonderful moment with his OC/QB coach Shawn Watson as they celebrated a trip to the BCS in emotional fashion.

Seriously, guys. Football chills. This is why we put up with all the stupid.

Video Via Coaching Search

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    1. Scott

      WOW. Football chills indeed. That’s the beauty of college sports right there. All about the passion and all about the players. Still have goosebumps as I’m writing this

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