Oregon’s Fiesta Bowl uniforms change color, may or may not come with a super computer

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 21, 2012

Oregon has decided to play it cool and casual with their Fiesta Bowl uniforms. Nah, just playing.

Chameleon mode ACTIVATED.

Overall, I like these. I’m curious to see what route they go with the futuristic space helmet for the occasion, but I’m all for wings that change color in different lighting. This could mean my television could very well break if/when De’Anthony Thomas breaks off a long touchdown run, but I’m up to see what happens.

Although it has not been confirmed, Oregon’s Fiesta Bowl uniforms will also have the following features.

-Name recognition (sure, why not)

-iPad ready (we’re not sure what this mean but it sounds fancy)

-Super computer-equipped (it dresses you, which is fun)

-Headlights (good luck trying to tackle them)

-Jetpack included (totally unfair but awesome)

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    1. paul davis

      Should look splendid with their gingham check poodle skirts, rolled white socks and mary jane black patented leather shoes…

    2. Steve Born

      How’s that gonna happen, Paul? You’ve got plenty of extras of those particular items of clothing in your personal collection that you’re going to donate?

    3. 12/22/12

      why even call this team oregon anymore…the lefties there want to grey out and kill all traditional things like team jerseys, traditional colors, school recognition via their uni’s etc just not going to support this shit anymore we are green and golden yellow not black silver blue steel plate etc this is what it takes to recruit these days…speaks wonders about the incredible school systems in the us today…

    4. mike

      Haters gonna hate. Im not even an Oregon fan, but I think their uniform styles are awesome.

    5. Kirby Reese

      I am a traditionalist….. I root for the school and their colors……changing uniforms every frigging game seems like a complete waste of departmental funds…….money that could be better used in some other way……college athletics is merely a business…no allegiance to tradition, school, alma mater…..it’s all visual….leave nothing to the imagination….to think means to work…..we all know that’s a no-no in athletics.

    6. 12/22/12

      haters gonna hate…? what does that mean anyways…it’s called opinion. And as far as thinking and working goes in athletics….looks like a lot more goes on there vs in school today based on outcomes….

    7. Bob

      I wonder if those uniforms reflect light into the eyes of opponents?

    8. Kirby Reese

      Oregonhate – what are you talking about….thinking and working??????

    9. Ed Marue

      UNI U. The most arrogant program in the country.

    10. Dougie

      The uniforms are givin to them the school doesnt spend any money on them just a perk for having a rich fan. Just to clear that up for some people. If you are really a fan of a team it doesnt matter what colors they wear. Im a Mich. fan and yes new uniforms would be cool im a fan either way. Good luck Oregon in the Fiesta bowl should be a good game

    11. mike

      One of the founders of Nike went to Oregon, as a result, they get favored with more spiffy uniforms. It really baffles me that some simple uniforms set people off so bad. Ok, maybe it baffles me and i find it a bit funny. Then again, as the old saying goes:

      The nail that stands out, gets hammered. Complain more.

    12. 12/23/12

      Because of the association of Knight and Nike, UO does get some serious perks, which you can’t really blame them, but on the other hand, if I was one of the other NCAA teams I would be asking about an alternate manufacture.

      How does that work anyway? any body? Can each school use a mfg. of there choice or is there a contract thing with Nike? It seems a little bit wrong, since none of the other schools that I know of don’t get the same perks. I guess the other schools would have to pay dearly to enjoy equal treatment, as far as uniforms.

      It would be nice if all schools could at least have new uni’s for Bowl Games!!
      Just some personal thought’s from a College Football Fan.

    13. 12/23/12

      Go Beavs, uniducks SUX G.A.Y!!!

    14. goducks

      @Vic. There are some schools sponsored by ADIDAS and UNDER ARMOUR as well as NIKE. Oregon is where NIKE tests all of there newest is uniform and then sends them to all of the other NIKE sponsored schools as well as the pros. @kevin your just jealous that we kick your ass all of the time.

    15. Dave / New Mexico

      I love the Oregon uniforms and I always look forward to seeing what’s next.

    16. Big Daddy

      I think it’s great that Oregon has decided to be NCAA’s first openly homosexual football team with these uniform styles in addition to their other choices. Please note that I am not referencing the sexual preference of any individual associated with the team.

    17. edd

      flashy uniforms, gimmick offense, tiny stadium and zero national championships.

    18. 12/24/12

      I figured that, with all of the transgressions Oregon is accused of—- and will probably be found guilty on all counts, they should wear 100% orange with “convict” on the back as it will be a long, long time before Oregon is eligible for conference honors or a bowl bid

    19. CJC

      edd: Your jealousy is showing !! Autzen has had sellouts for years and years and
      can get about 60,000 in there…now. Another addition is on the back burner.

      So what does a huge stadium get you anyway…it sure did nothing for USC.
      There are hundreds of teams across America that do not have a
      “National Championship”…. so what? It is a bit of a farce anyway.

      The many b – o – r – i – n – g uniforms out there, the ones you admire, are
      an indicator of the mentality of the programs…are perhaps yours, as well.

    20. 12/24/12

      Paul Davis, you started my day of great. Had a good laugh at your witty comment. Thank you.

    21. Robert

      Hey! Good for them and it is a great look! They have played very well the last few years and it is the players not the uniforms that get the win. I say “yes” A Sooner Fan.

    22. Bro

      People saying they are duck fans but hating on the uniforms being different can get a life! Your not a true fan if talk shit about your team! The uniforms are always sick so support it

    23. PK

      Affirming previous comments, Nike Co. is an Oregon product. Anyone interested in how Nike rose to existence, the movie “Prefontaine” is a great, accurate source. Former Oregon and USA track coach Bill Bowerman, the track legend who coached Steve Prefontaine in his prime and made Oregon the distance running mecca, accidentally discovered his method for creating lightweight and effective track shoes with a waffle iron (shown in film with R. Lee Ermey playing Bowerman). Before long, a new athletic shoe company known today as Nike was born in Eugene, OR…

      I’m a USC fan and don’t really follow track & field outside of the Olympics, but it’s an interesting story with respect to both Nike. That’s just a small part of the movie, which obviously focuses on Prefontaine’s tragically short life.

      That said, getting free athletic apparel (all U. of Oregon athletics) is a great perk from that connection. Between their link to Nike and recent rise to prominence, Oregon’s football team seemed to become the de facto marketing outlet for Nike’s football line. It looks like Nike and their competitors have outfitted many schools with enough apparel to sport a different look in every game.

    24. PK

      My personal opinion… uniforms have been evolving in every sport and all levels. I like many of the new helmets, jerseys, and game pants and have no problem with this stage in uniform evolution. I also believe school colors are integral to identity and should be respected. Although, colors like black, grey/silver/steel/etc. have traditionally been “neutral” colors (unless of course your colors explicitly include any of those) and have always been used for uniform backgrounds, bases and accents. I think uniforms worn by teams such as Oregon and West Virginia relying heavily on grey/steel/etc. are sleek and don’t diminish any team’s loyalty to school colors. The silver variants are simply joining black as commonly used uniform bases regardless of school colors…

      If Oregon came out sporting a steel base with red and blue, then I think the Duck faithful would readily join and lead other NCAA fans in protest..

      Simply stated, let uniforms continue evolving without losing sight of any school’s identifying colors.

    25. archytextural

      While i love these uni’s they aren’t new pieces to the wardrobe selection. They wore these helmets i think three times this year, and the white jerseys at least twice, one being against USC. They are a fantastice homage to the teadional yellow helmets of old with a great update. the uniforms are given to the schools, all schools with the nike affiliation and then nike gets the right to sell licensed merchandise. so every school affiliated with nike gets the potential benefit of these uni’s so quite belly aching about special treatments. Oregon just capitilizes on the location of nike, the legacy of nike, and being willing to try new un-tested technology. These are the same technologies used by nfl teams, and they were tested at oregon. technologies and looks change, and the schools willing to embrace this are catching the eyes of kids who see the “traditional” schools as their dad’s or grandpa’s football. Go Ducks and I look forward to seeing numbers 8,6,24, 1, 11 wearing these in the endzone tomorrow nig multiple times. Go Ducks!

    26. Malosi

      Hahaha… OREGON is OREGON.. teams try to imitate, but come up short. I love reading all the liberals comments about how it isn’t fair OREGON gets perks from NIKE. And other losers who complain because OREGON flat out dominates. 3 points is all that kept OREGON out of the title game. DUCKS equals WINNERS!!! GET READY FOR THE BLURRR!!! All the miserable people should just give in and YELL O

    27. Matt

      First of all oregon is not wasting school funds on new uniforms every week Phil Knight Oregon Graduate and founder of Nike provides the uniforms , and state of the art facilities. Oregon is inventive and the cool designs may be to attract recruits but it’s working isnt it, the 56-10 record over the past 5 seasons can attest to that.

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