Video: Alabama fan gets National Championship tickets, shows us pure joy

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 25, 2012

If you’re an Alabama fan in need of a BCS National Championship ticket, hopefully Santa delivered this Christmas. For one Crimson Tide grandfather, that’s exactly what happened.

The result is this. Pure joy, love, excitement and a reaction you hope you see at least one time in your life to a gift in a truly touching video.

Roll Tide and Happy Holidays.


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    1. Don Allison

      Somebody better take along some valium for this old fart, and put him on suicide watch, because he’ll need both after the shite kicking Notre Dame will deliver.

    2. 12/25/12

      Take it down a few notches ya old redneck. Maybe lay off the moonshine if gifts are gonna be exchanged. He’s definitely stroke out material when when the inbred tide put a Jerry Sandusky ass pounding on the choir boys of Notre Lame. Enjoy the game ya old turdbucket.

    3. allan

      Right on Don, Notre dame will deliver this coming January 2013, Lets go IRISH!

    4. john s

      try to think a nice way of saying this……..oh heck, you guys are a bunch of mean pri@ks and I hope the irsih koolaid gives you the runs for a week. merry christmas.


      Those comments above really show how ignorant and stupid those Irish fans are. They truly represent Irish football fans. No class! Alabama Tide will kick ass. Roll Tide.

    6. Jim Butler

      I always thought Notre Dame was a class act. These comments prove otherwise. This man was given a once in a lifetime gift from a loving family and you can’t even be happy for him. Instead you resort to name calling for no reason other than showing complete disregard for others and bringing Notre Dame low by your actions.

    7. Martha Frohboese

      Roll Tide.

    8. TB.ticknor

      Everyone knows if the bucks were elgible for a bowl theyd be playing notre dame. And just like during the season miller would dominate the field. Go Buckeyes

    9. 12/26/12

      Excuse me but one or two ignorant comments do not represent all Notre Dame fans.
      As a ND fan I am truly happy for this gentleman and his family.
      I would like to buy him a consolation drink after his Crimson Tide is defeated by Notre Dame for the Championship on January 7, 2013. Just as ND defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 1973. Sir, enjoy your Christmas gift and your family. God Bless!

    10. 12/26/12

      Forgive me for also bringing up the fact that Notre Dame also defeated Alabama in the 1975 Sugar Bowl when Alabama was ranked #1 and a heavy favorite to defeat ND. It was Ara’s last game as Coach if the Irish and was Coach Bryant’s 8th straight bowl game loss.
      It prevented Alabama from winning the National Championship.
      I am still very happy for this man and it was a great gift from his family.

    11. john

      hey bama fans, I hope you guys can all get off of your sister by the time the game starts. yes thats what the whole country thinks your doin, N.D fans or not!

    12. Lisa

      This has nothing to do with his team or your team, or which iteam is better or which team is going to beat the other. It has to do with a wondeful & loving family who gave a much wanted and much appreciated gift to a very happy and kind man. This world has become so very sad, especially when cold hearted and rude people leave such ugly and mean comments about such a beautiful story. Shame on you! You are just mad because no one loves you as much as this man’s family loves him and it’s because you are so heartless!! I am not a football fan, but just for this man…go Alabama!

    13. 12/26/12

      Now this is what our country has come to. Why would any one make commits like that, Sir keep you head up high I am proud to see a SEC fan that happy. You are a very lucky man to have a family that loves you that much. I am sure N.D. is really proud of ya’ll showing that side of N.D. To think I have heard people call N.D. GODS team.

    14. ND spoiler

      yeah i hear sandusky Roll Tide and you maent to say when i get off your sister and your mother

    15. Grayson Childress

      War Eagle but Roll Tidevall the way. I’m 100% Auburn but 100%SEC. Ala 36 ND 14 SEC dominates College Football PERIOD……From a Auburn / SEC fan in Ecuador. I always pull for Auburn but if my teams down I Always pull for SEC Roll Tide from an Auburn fan in South America

    16. Melisa

      Wow … what a gift ! The expression on his face was priceless. I am so happy his family was able to make this happen for him. ROLL TIDE ! Happy New Year to you all !

    17. Dick Magnuson

      Good for Dad. Enjoy the ticket. I’ve done the same for my Dad and it was great memories before he passed on.

    18. Jack

      Now that is the Spirit of Giving. Merry Christmas!

      To Don Allison and the other clowns – calm the f#*@ down.

    19. Glenn Dells

      Good for him! This made me smile – even as a Michigan fan (yeah Alabama beat us) it is fun to see such joy in giving. I bet his family is pretty happy they could get that ticket for him! So, I am going to say it this once.. Roll Tide.

    20. Rhonda

      Geez, this brought tears to my eyes!! Pure, unadulterated joy! Hey, Bama fans – this comes from an Auburn fan – “Don’t worry about the naysayers – they never have been and never will be as good as Alabama AND THEY KNOW IT! That’s why they HAVE to say the most vicious, vile things they can think of because at the end of the day – they are still not THE CRIMSON TIDE! Roll Tide Roll (and WAR EAGLE!) We will see you in Miami, my friends, and BE SURE TO BRING YOUR CRYING TOWELS!

    21. 12/26/12

      The happy man obviously raised his children with love.He has set the bar high

    22. Brian Blake

      Regardless of the outcome of the game, it was cool to see this guy so happy to be able to attend it.

    23. 12/26/12

      There is obviously little Moderation on this site! Go loons!
      I detest both teams but detest the Tide a bit less.

      Still ,Oregon against Florida would have put me in a better mood. More than anyone,Pitt’s field goal kicker is to blame. 33 lousy yards!

    24. THEMLBAN

      What a fantastic gift and reaction. I hope he enjoys the game even when the Irish win. Aside from conference games this is the only real team Bama has faced this year. Get ready it will be a much better game than last year. Best of luck both teams…just a bit more for the Irish.

    25. JPo

      ND has a better shot at their D-line getting pregnant than beating Alabama!

    26. Murrieta Dave

      Man, I hope ‘BAMA wipes Notre Dame out! What a bunch of low class remarks by Irish fans. This video is what sport is ALL about. Joy.

    27. GatorFan72

      Wow. To think ND is a Catholic school and read the wonderfully enlightened posts made here by their fans makes me question what God their team plays for. Bama is a fierce rival of my Gators but I’ll be rooting them and the SEC to take home a 7th straight National Championship. To all the SEC fans here… many times have we heard this kind of talk only to destroy the other team and shove it right back in their face. I will say the Buckeye fan made me laugh. (They can’t beat an SEC team even when the whole world thinks they will UF 41 – OSU 14 remember that?)

    28. Steve

      Wow! What rednecks! I thought folks only spoke with that thar accent in the movies. Even the annoying grand kid who kept interrupting sounds like a genuine hillbilly.

    29. Colorodao Boy

      @STEVE I suggest you go find the closest redneck, hillbilly, backwoods country family and say the same witty words to their faces. You’d leave with a good understanding of the meaning of the word RESPECT.

    30. JudyBamaFan

      As a true Bama fan, I am so excited for this man. What an awesome gift! I can only imagine the excitement he has right now!! What love that family has for each other.
      For the rude and vulgar comments, you should be ashamed of yourselves! It’s Christmas and these are the remarks coming out of your mouth? I’m from the South and have been born and raised to say “sir” and “ma’am”….that’s a sign of respect. You can be competitive, you can love your team, you can even trash talk, but you don’t have to be “trashy”!! Show some class!! Every team has these kinds of fans, and for that, I am sorry. Love your team, cheer for your team, support your team, joke about other teams…it’s all good…..keep the vulgar remarks for you and your drinking buddies in your home and not on a website!

    31. 12/28/12

      Boy that was some strong words about getting off your sister I wonder if the guy that wrote this was a alter boy at one time not saying it is so just asking I hope Bama wins this ball game just to shut people like this guy up

    32. alan horton

      just keep the trash talk coming boys, and i do mean boys! bama will do there talking on the field. great gift for the man. your family really cares for and loves you very much. i know u will enjoy the game. remember what bama did to miami and all there trash talkers? roll tide roll. sorry nd, but your unblemished season ends in miami

    33. G. Roland

      I’m rooting for Notre Dame, but I don’t like the comments by those people who critisized the old “Bama fan for his joy in getting the ticket. No class Irish fans. Inappropriate comments. This is going to be a great game tho.

    34. Cyndi Odle

      So glad that his son could score this pair of tickets for an experience that the Tide fan obviously considers to be his once in a lifetime chance. Though I was a long-time Tennessee fan, I will be rooting for the SEC Tide in the Nat. Championship, and understand his joy from a similar trip of my own to Tempe. May nothing mar his experience, even small minds as exhibited on this comment board. God Bless him and his family!

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