Image: Typo in West Virginia paper pegs the Pinstripe Bowl

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 30, 2012

The Weirton (W.Va.) Daily Times surely didn’t mean for this typo to get into the Sunday paper.

No matter. This accidental bit of word greatness accurately wrapped up the Pinstripe Bowl. The Mountaineers lost 38-14 to Syracuse in Saturday’s game, and really, this typo pretty much sums up the last half of West Virginia’s 2012 season. The Mountaineers started the season 5-0 before entering a tailspin and finishing 7-6.

It’s graphic imagery … but still spot on.

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    1. David Bocc

      Oh is that what happened?

    2. Roger

      Thanks for the insight Joe Mannix, racist pig!

    3. Even Steven

      After the main heading

      There was a secondary minor heading which said, “Then the chit really hit the fan.”

    4. 12/31/12

      The WHAT bowl? Pinstripe? Huh? What?

    5. michael

      the paper went cheaper, and hired a company out of India

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