Video: The one-point safety makes a Fiesta Bowl appearance

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 03, 2013

If you were wondering what a one-point safety looks like—and clearly you were—you found out when Oregon and Kansas State met in the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday night. Yes, this is indeed a real thing.


Kansas State blocked the Oregon extra point, K-State brought the ball out of the end zone, and the ball was eventually downed back in the end zone. Strange? Yes, indeed. In fact, the strange explanation seems fitting for a play we don’t see often. This is first one we’ve seen since 2004, where Texas and Texas A&M got in on the one-point action.

I’m sure you’ll be talking about this play for many years, or at least a few hours.

Video Via Big Lead

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    1. [...] And how about that one-point safety from Oregon. According to the @FiestaBowl account, it’s as rare as it sounds. To clarify on the 1-point safety: it’s happened 4 times in college football (one junior college game, one NAIA game), but only twice in FBS. [...]

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