Video: Every Johnny Football Touchdown in Eight Minutes

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 10, 2013

With the season over, you’ve undoubtedly said the following while researching the latest in hilarious cat videos while shaking because oh god the offseason is awful.

“Say, I wish every Johnny Manziel touchdown was available in one long YouTube video.”

Well, guess what, football-obsessed fan still not ready to move on with your normal life? You have your wish.

The fine Good Bull Hunting passed this along, and you should really watch it. Every single Johnny Manziel touchdown in one place. Sure, you’ve seen a lot of these before, but they’re worth seeing again. And again. And again. And just watch.

Also, the first person to say, “Oh The Beatles suck, bro” is getting a Nerf Vortex thrown at their groin.

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    1. Mike M

      Thank you for the great job here and your passion for the Aggies. However, everyone – whether a TAMU fan or not can enjoy watching this talented young man fulfill his passion. You know he loves the chase of the game itself.

    2. jk

      Nicely done….not sure how this happens, but it was great to watch again. He’s a freak of nature, no doubt about it.

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