Photo: Baylor has new helmets, and they are very, very gold

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 19, 2013

Even in the offseason, helmet changes are in the news. In the case of Baylor, it’s hard to miss it. Like, REALLY hard to miss.

Jeff Lebby, the team’s running back coach, sent out a tweet that showcased the team’s wild new headgear. Think Notre Dame only with letters… and somehow perhaps even more gold.

With the right angle of sunlight, these may actually be seen from space, start a fire, or blind one half of a stadium. I also have the sudden urge to go to Vegas.


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    1. Dave / New Mexico

      FANTASTIC !!!

    2. Steve Johnson

      Awesome…ANOTHER hideous gold helmet to screw up football. At least this one looks like real gold and not the kindergarten gold spray paint we used on the elbow macaroni every 5-year-old kid in America glued on posterboard back in the day like the fraud that is Notre Dame uses.
      I can still smell the class when we used that stuff…it stank in EXACTLY the same way the FAR-overhyped and entirely AVERAGE Flattened Arsh stank up the Orange Bowl.
      Bama deserved a REAL opponent in that game and not a faded, fake, media-darling collection of players not nearly tough enough to be in a NCG against a REAL football team.
      How interesting that in less than 100 years the South has–thanks to Alabama’s 1926 Rose Bowl win–taken over college football to the point that one can now legitimately say “The Arsh were fairly decent–for a NORTHERN team.”
      Gold helmets SUCK.

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