Truman the Tiger is in offseason form

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 20, 2013



Why is Missouri’s mascot holding a bong? Is that the actual costume used at Mizzou sporting events? Who is that dressed up in the costume? Can a mascot use a bong properly without taking off the headgear? What’s the deal with that couch?

These are all very important questions regarding the photo above, which comes courtesy of this tweet. I’m not quite sure the context, but I do know that Truman the Tiger holding a bong warrants your utmost attention.

You may now continue on with your day, knowing you won’t see anything better than the image above.

[h/t SB Nation]

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    1. Ben

      This looks like the MEMPHIS TIGERS mascot….. More fitting there anyways

    2. 2/20/13

      3-2 odds it’s Blaine Gabbert in the suit.

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