Video: Pitcher embraces his inner linebacker, makes baseball fun

By Adam Kramer   Mar. 03, 2013

I can honestly say this is first Division III baseball video to ever make it on the blog, and I can’t make any promises that it will be the last. It’s the offseason, and things get weird.

Anyway, here we have Berry College vs. Hendrix College, and a wild pitch was just thrown. The pitcher, who is supposed to be covering home when such a thing surfaces, instead decides to Vontaze Burfict the runner before he can get there. I have seen a lot of weird things, but this is an awesome first.

[Hugh Freeze watches video]

[offers pitcher 376 scholarships]

[James Harrison somehow gets fined for this hit]

And… scene

[h/t Deadspin]

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    1. Anthony Nail

      That was Berry College that threw the pitch, not Hendrix. Hendrix actually has class.

    2. Ryan

      Hahaha. Also note that the first pitch was thrown at the batter for calling time before the pitch was thrown.

    3. Adam Kramer

      Berry vs. Hendrix hate in the column section… YES SIR,

    4. Hendrix fan

      I was at the game and I was embarrassed to be a Hendrix fan. Our fans and players were down right nasty to the Berry team. Even though what the Berry pitcher was wrong we had it comming to us.

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