Video: Barry Switzer attempts to make Harlem Shake tolerable, succeeds

By Adam Kramer   Mar. 13, 2013

I get it, I get it. You’ve had enough of the Harlem Shake videos and you’re totally like “OMG ENOUGH ALREADY” while returning to your normal Internet ritual of searching for hilarious cat videos.

I understand. I do. Shhhh…. don’t say a word.

But when Barry Switzer throws on a fur coat and agrees to be a part of anything—whether that’s the Harlem Shake or a long night at the riverboat—you’re going to want to tune in.

So while you dread watching another Harlem Shake video, Oklahoma’s take on this is worth your time for Switzer alone. Look for the fur coat, I promise, you can’t miss it or his amazing coat-wearing moves. Other stuff is happening, The Boz is in there somewhere, but the fur coat is hypnotic with its powers.

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