The Indianapolis Colts’ Twitter feed provides harsh draft insight

By Adam Kramer   Apr. 27, 2013

The Indianapolis Colts have a Twitter feed, and the person running it isn’t a fan of 47-year-old (OK, he’s only 24) Purdue quarterback Robert Marve, apparently. Well, this Twitter exchange would lead us to believe this is indeed the case.

Who should they take with the final pick in the 2013 draft? You provide answers, they respond. Oh, they respond.


Now, the tweet has since been deleted, but grabbed an image of it before they did (seen above). It was also confirmed by CBS Sports as well.

I can confirm that this is somewhat harsh (not shocked it is no longer there) but also somewhat hilarious. Perhaps it was all just a misunderstanding. Harsh, though. (But also hilarious).

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    1. Urbach

      You’re dumb. Robert Marve is a quarterback. The Colts have Andrew Luck, who is one of the best rookies at QB since Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselback, an experience veteran leader who is more than capable of stepping up in Andrew Luck gets injured and last year, when the Colts also had the Mr. Irrelevant pick, they selected Chandler Harnish who in all honesty is a safer pick than Robert Marve, who has torn his ACL three times.

      Indianapolis is a class organization, and would never be ignorant enough to criticize the young men who put their bodies on the line in the name of a game. You should research before you post articles.

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