Animated: Notre Dame commit flushes Alabama recruiting letters down the toilet

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 04, 2013

I feel comfortable saying that this is a recruiting first. Well, probably.

2014 athlete Elijah Hood (the No. 9 athlete according to 247Sports) is apparently pretty committed to Notre Dame. How committed? Well, his verbal is strong enough that he used Vine to capture himself flushing Alabama recruiting literature down the toilet.

No, really. That happened, and he posted it all on his Twitter page.

Also, #RollToilet is a thing now.

This is a reminder that it is indeed June, the offseason of recruiting. Oh, and there is no longer a recruiting offseason.

Also, #RollPlumber.

UPDATE: Elijah has apologized and pulled down the Vine. He passed along the following “apology” on Twitter also. Oh, recruiting.

Here is an image of the letter in the toilet from CBS, however.


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    1. Agdoc

      Way to stay classy, Elijah; I think you’d best hope you don’t end up on the same field as the Tide. You might wish you’d saved those letters.

    2. Back 2 Back National Champs! Just hope you don’t have to actually play Alabama! They will wreck you!

    3. Steve


    4. John


    5. david saint

      LOL Jesse, got deer antler spray? parole tide!

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    7. CrimsonDynasty323

      This kid will fit in well with the Notre Dame fan base–delusional, baselessly arrogant, and eternally overrated. Hey I wonder if Kelly will award him one of those Notre Dame “National Champion Runner Up” rings for his loyalty? Or…maybe he’ll explain to him why he made the halftime comment during the BCSCG that the only way his team had a chance is if Alabama didn’t show up for the second half? Or perhaps Kelly can talk about why he almost bolted for the NFL, or maybe even how Notre Dame’s entire claim to the BCSCG was a house of cards and there were at least 6 SEC teams who would have beaten them?

      But in terms of this kid ever having to face Alabama on the field, I think he’s totally safe–unless Bama needs to schedule a cupcake for homecoming.

    8. Steve


      U mad.


    9. usmcnotredamefan

      Get over it tide fan. This is a high school senior having fun with his recruitment. Weren’t you guys ever 18 before. Alabama makes great football players, but do they make great men out of those football players. A national title becomes yesterday’s news while a quality education last a life time.

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    11. ron

      I personally think this kid was to scared to play in the SEC!

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