Video: Toledo’s Alonzo Russell comes down with early catch of the year favorite

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 21, 2013

Playing against Central Michigan, Alonzo Russell was on the other end of a Terrence Owens pass… and he needed only one hand to secure the score. The most amazing thing about it? The Toledo wideout made a difficult (impossible?) play look entirely too easy.

I mean, this is almost unfair. I couldn’t do this – despite max effort – with a Nerf Vortex. (Believe me, I have tried).

Remember how one-handed catches in video games used to look fake because the ball would just sort of stick to a player’s hand in a sea of pixels? Well, maybe it wasn’t unrealistic after all.

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    1. B_Koool

      Nice grab…..but if you’ve ever seen and worn a pair of the gloves the receivers wear now…. you can understand those types of catches. They have a sticky rubbery feel that essentially “grabs” the ball and it doesn’t slip or slide in the hand. Not taking away from the athletic ability here…..but there’s more to it than just that.

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    3. 11/10/13

      Sandra,I’m always so thfnkaul when I receive posted comments such as yours or private, personal notes. It still amazes me how Praying for Strangers is finding it’s way into the world and into hearts. I am blessed to know that people are connected, and that you are receiving positive stories from those meetings. God bless your work and all those who work alongside you!River

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