Place your bets on whether Nick Saban coaches Texas in 2014

By Adam Kramer   Nov. 08, 2013

The online sportsbook is content to pour a little fuel on the Nick Saban-Texas rumor fire. At the very least, the site is allowing bettors to place their hard earned winnings on whether Alabama’s current coaching cyborg will embrace Bevo in the coming months.

I know what you’re thinking, and of course you can bet on this. You can bet on anything, and I mean that in the best worst way possible.


It’s worth noting that Saban staying at Alabama is an overwhelming favorite scenario. Well, “not Texas” seems like the most likely destination—which is not at all shocking—but that doesn’t mean you can’t wager on it anyway. If you feel Saban will head to Texas, and that the rumors will turn out to be realized, you can be paid more than 5/1.

Reason 1,790 gambling is weird and fun.

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