Video: Who is the Yellow King? A ‘True Detective’ Oddsboard

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 28, 2014

The fine folks at the Bleacher Report video team had an idea. So we ran with this idea, and the result is a video that has absolutely zero impact on your college football life whatsoever. But it’s the offseason, and our interests are typically swayed toward the television: Justified, Archer, The Americans and yes, True Detective.

If you are not watching the show, leave now. The following will do you no good. If you are watching the show, the following may not do you any good, but at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

You asked for Vegas-style odds on the Yellow King (you didn’t), and now you’ve got ‘em. Enjoy, and thanks again to the best video team on the planet for their lovely work here. (Also, NSFWish.)


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    1. Geo Foley

      I saw the preview of the finale. In it, the “yellow king” says “I have not left my mark in several weeks.”

      For those of us who can recognize voices, we know
      it as Paul Bettiny’s English accent. But, why would the Yellow King have an English accent rather than a thick Louisiana accent?

      They discussed Carcosa as a place in the woods where
      ritualistic sacrifices were made. Sound like the Druid Circles?
      Stone Henge, located in England?

      The plot keeps getting bigger and bigger. Cohle and Hart first think a serial killer is loose. When they kill Reggie Ledoux, they think they’ve solved the case and busted up the drug kitchen and the main cook as well, only to find out the Cult is widespread.

      It involves old Louisiana families;
      Tuttles and Childresses. (“Child” in the name? Another clue?)

      I suspect it goes as far back as the Druid circles in England. I’m guessing the Druids have spread all over the world by Brittish Speaking “yellow kings” who construct their own murder sites.

      Makes sense to me. This way the series could go on and on, all over the world, from one site to others.

    2. Geo Foley

      Oooops, boy did I get it wrong! I was sure the English
      accent was Paul Brittany. I’m having my ears examined

    3. Geo Foley


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