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Your 2011-2012 Mermaid Ornament National Champions

Christmas has come early, Alabama fans!

If you’ve been looking for an Alabama mermaid Christmas ornament to celebrate your championship win  - and frankly, who hasn’t – you’re in luck!

Now, this piece of holiday history won’t be cheap ($25.99), but it is a specialty item, and you’ve already ordered a dozen for your friends and family so who cares. The description on the website, which doesn’t actually touch on the mermaid part of this whole thing, says it all.

“Celebrate the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Season & National Championship with this Player dressed in Red & White”



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  • Published On Feb. 22, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Nick Saban Gets The Celebratory Pizza Treatment

    The statewide celebration of Alabama’s 4,567 national championship is on, and the BCS Coaches’ Trophy is making its way around the state for photo ops that will undoubtedly result in hilarity and other emotions down similar avenues.

    Thus far, however, the best image to originate from these photo sessions doesn’t feature the magnificent crystal ball at all. It does, however, feature pizza. Glorious, wonderful, amazing pizza kinda.

    Nick Saban and Bear Bryant now both have Alabama statues and BOTH have delicious pizzas made with their wonderful mugs on ‘em. The statues are fine, sure, but they aren’t pizzas that could also be classified as works of art.

    What. An Honor.


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  • Published On Jan. 16, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Video: Alabama Fans Let the LSU Basketball Team Hear It

    After Monday’s blowout BCS Championship game, Alabama and LSU hit the hardwood on Wednesday night. Unfortunately for LSU, the result of this one was not all that different and ‘Bama cruised to a 69-53 victory on their home floor.

    A regular season SEC basketball game – especially one with very little excitement – isn’t likely to draw up many headlines. This was a unique situation, however, and the Alabama fans were ready for this one. In fact they were the headlines. Their creativity (and wonderful, wonderful trolling) throughout the game was thought out and well executed.

    At one point in the game, Alabama went up 21 points on LSU and the crowd erupted into a “Just Like Monday” chant. A “Jarrett Lee” chant – as well as others – could also be heard throughout.

    These were all solid, no question, but the best Tide crowd moment came early on when LSU crossed the half court line.

    LSU’s inability to move the ball on offense in the BCS Championship game could be summed up in one unbelievable stat. The Tigers offense crossed the 50-yard line once, and that moment came in the 4th quarter. The home Tuscaloosa crowd was certainly very aware of this on Wednesday night, and they mockingly applauded and cheered LSU in the first 30 seconds of their basketball game when they crossed that magical line.

    Troll Tide indeed…

  • Published On Jan. 12, 2012 by Adam Kramer