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The Greek’s Season Win Totals: Ohio State and Oregon Included

The Las Vegas Hilton was the first to post their college football season win totals, but they certainly won’t be the last. In fact, others have already joined in on the action.

The Greek, an established online gambling site/sports book, have posted their college football win totals and decided to include a handful of teams the Hilton chose to leave off.

There are 42 teams in total, and included in this mix are both Ohio State and Oregon who the Hilton avoided because of “uncertainty.” Ohio State comes in at 9 while Oregon has opened at 9.5 with action favoring the over. You can also sprint to The Greek’s website to get your bets in on both Syracuse (listed at 6) and yes, UCLA (posted at 5.5).

Here is the full rundown on teams posted, with some minor differences to Hilton’s season totals as well.

Alabama 10 (-110 over, -110 under)

Arizona 6.5 (-115 over, -115 under)

Auburn 6 (-125 over, +105 under)

Baylor 6.5 (-110 over, -110 under)

Boise State 10 (-110 over, -110 under)

Clemson 7 (-125 over, +105 under)

Florida 8 (-110 over, -110 under)

Florida State 10 (+125 over, -145 under)

Georgia 8 (-150 over, +130 under)

Georgia Tech 8 (-110 over, -110 under)

Iowa 8 (-110 over, -110 under)

Kansas State 5 (-110 over, -110 under)

Kentucky 6 (-110 over, -110 under)

LSU 9.5 (-120 over, +100 under)

Miami (FL) 8 (-110 over, -110 under)

Michigan 7 (-150 over, +130 under)

Michigan State 7 (-125 over, +105 under)

Mississippi State 7 (-150 over, +130 under)

Missouri 7 (-150 over, +130 under)

Nebraska 10 (+120 over, -140 under)

North Carolina 7.5 (-125 over, +105 under)

Notre Dame 9 (+105 over, -125 under)

Ohio State 9 (-110 over, -110 under)

Oklahoma 10 (-110 over, -110 under)

Oklahoma State 8 (-140 over, +120 under)

Oregon 9.5 (-130 over, +110 under)

Oregon State 7 (-110 over, -110 under)

Penn State 8 (-110 over, -110 under)

Southern Cal 7.5 (-120 over, +100 under)

South Carolina 9 (-120 over, +100 under)

South Florida 8 (+100 over, -120 under)

Stanford 8.5 (-150 over, +130 under)

Syracuse 6 (+110 over, -130 under)

TCU 9 (-120 over, +100 under)

Tennessee (-110 over, -110 under)

Texas 8.5 (-110 over, -110 under)

Texas A&M 8.5 (-130 over, +110 under)

Texas Tech 7 (-110 over, -110 under)

UCLA 5.5 (-110 over, -110 under)

Virginia Tech 10 (-110 over, -110 under)

West Virginia 9 (-130 over, +110 under)

Wisconsin 9 (-110 over, -110 under)

  • the greeks? what are they?
  • Published On Jul. 25, 2011 by Adam Kramer
  • Cowboys Stadium Reaching Max Capacity For Massive College Football Opener

    The opening game between LSU and Oregon on September 3rd is gaining steam. Cowboys Stadium is already nearing full capacity as one of year’s most anticipated games get the 2011 festivities under way, under the bright lights and the big screens.

    Nearly 80,000 tickets have already been sold for the game, and LSU fans purchased their 37,000 tickets in record time. This, in turn, broke a school record for a regular-season road game. Oregon has done its part as well, selling out their 15,000 allocated tickets with ease.

    While we know that Jerry’s World comes equipped with all the finest amenities a football fan could possibly want or need, it also has “standing room only” ticket options for the fans that want the game without the seat, and without the massive price tag. After all, there’s money to be made, folks, and Mr. Jones is very good at that.

    According to CNBC reporter Darren Rovell, these ticket options are still available for the LSU/Oregon showdown but are more expensive than the average Cowboy ticket.

    The Dallas Cowboys are charging $50 for standing room only tickets for LSU vs. Oregon. At Cowboys game, that ticket is $29.
    darren rovell

    [inserts lengthy Super Bowl seating arrangement joke]

    The college football fan in me wants to gloat. And while this number is a surprise to some, it really isn’t much of a shocker when you think about the teams and fan bases involved. For what it’s worth, last year’s Cowboy Stadium showdown between TCU and Oregon State drew over just 46,000.

    Standing room only aside, my couch will be just fine on the evening of September 3rd, which cannot get here soon enough.

    • turns out Glenn Beck will... he just booked next summer, and I guarantee it'll max the capacity. He drew between ...
  • Published On Jul. 06, 2011 by Adam Kramer
  • Heisman Thinkin’ Cap: Odds Evaluation

    SBG Global released some very early Heisman odds this past week, which has sparked some very interesting spring chatter about the award and those that were named, and more notably those that weren’t.

    The most puzzling omission has to be Boise State QB Kellen Moore, and the fact that he’s not on the list and Kirk Cousins is should make even the most diabolical Boise haters cringe. I’m assuming this was a mistake or perhaps just an oversight, but many of you were as surprised by this as I was. Because of this, we’ve decided to create our own set of Heisman odds that accurately reflect a variety of different factors we considered while creating them.

    And here they are…

    Andrew Luck, Stanford 3/1

    No issues with SBG having Andrew Luck on top at 3/1. He’s the best player in the country and while he loses his head coach to the NFL, David Shaw should ensure that the offense doesn’t skip a beat. The schedule is very favorable which means you can expect big numbers and a lot of wins. The November 11th game at home versus Oregon could decide potential Heisman fate, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t finish in the top four.

    Landry Jones, Oklahoma 4/1

    At times last year, he looked like the best quarterback in the country. Other instances, however, Jones was prone to throw the ball to the other team. Still, he’s very talented and playing in a system that allows quarterbacks to put up huge numbers. He also gets Ryan Broyles (who is also on this list) back which means the offense could be poised for big things. You’ll hear more notable names get mentioned before him, but don’t sleep on him. I picked him to win the Heisman last year (oops) and I may test my luck again.

    LaMichael James, Oregon 5/1

    There might not be a more electrifying player in college football, and you can expect James to be in the Heisman mix (if he stays healthy) once again. Oregon will need to stay in the BCS mix for him to be in the discussion, and they should, but James’ campaign for this year’s Heisman kicks into full gear week one with their game against LSU in Dallas. Back-to-back weeks against USC and Oregon late in the season should also get him that Heisman momentum as well.

    Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina 6/1

    He’s absurdly talented and his Heisman buzz is already growing. Scratch that. His Heisman buzz began to build when he ran for nearly two hundred yards against Georgia in his second collegiate game last year. The Gamecocks should be very good, especially on offense, and especially if Stephen Garcia is in the lineup. The question I have about Lattimore, however, is can he stay on the field to accumulate numbers for the entire season? He was banged up a bit last year and with his aggressive running style it’s almost impossible to predict.

    Denard Robinson, Michigan 8/1

    Uncertainty surrounding the team and the new-look offense is the only thing that bumps Denard down further than you may see elsewhere. That, and the fact that he also has durability issues that could keep him off the field for meaningful minutes. From a game takeover standpoint, no one offers up more potential (other than perhaps Marcus Lattimore) than Robinson. The problem, however, lies with the team. Will Michigan be good enough in year one under Brady Hoke to give Robinson that shot? I don’t see it, but you might not get more potential at odds like this.

    Kellen Moore, Boise State 10/1

    I have no idea how you possibly leave him out of the Heisman discussion and keep him off the board in terms of betting odds. Yes, it will be a brutally tough challenge for Moore to overtake some of the big boy’s marquee players, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Because he’s a senior, I could also see voters giving Moore some added respect for four years of tremendous play. In ’09, he finished with 39 TDs and 3 INTs which still wasn’t enough. That pretty much shows you what he’s up against. Cannot ignore him for the award, though.

    Trent Richardson, Alabama 10/1

    With Ingram gone, Richardson becomes the Tide’s feature back. From a talent standpoint, he’s no doubt one of the best players in the country and should explode onto the scene with more carries. Still, Alabama has question marks on offense now that Greg McElroy and Julio Jones are also out, so defenses will probably key up on Richardson if the QB play is shaky. Love his talent, love the potential, and at 10/1 or more he’s a superb option.

    Justin Blackmon, OK State and Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma 12/1

    They play in the same conference and they each put up ridiculous numbers as college wideouts. And as good as these numbers are, and they will be damn good again barring injury, can they do enough to overcome others in the Heisman race? Will their quarterbacks jump them if they tremendous seasons? These are the problems with betting on WRs to win the Heisman, but you’re getting tremendous players at tremendous odds here.

    Knile Davis, Arkansas 14/1

    The nation doesn’t really know a ton about him yet, but they will. He should improve a great deal on his 1,300+ rushing yards last year with Ryan Mallett NFL bound. Arkansas will need to perform on both sides of the ball to keep him in the discussion, though. Still, a MAJOR sleeper.

    Brandon Weeden, OK State 16/1

    The numbers will be there for Weeden given the system he plays in and the fact that he’s still throwing to Justin Blackmon. He’ll also have the opportunity to showcase himself against good teams. Mark down the December 3rd matchup against OU in your Heisman calendar.

    The Rest

    Chris Polk, Washington – 18/1

    Robert Griffin, Baylor – 18/1

    Michael Floyd, Notre Dame – 19/1

    Aaron Murray, Georgia – 20/1

    Cane Keenum, Houston – 22/1

    Matt Barkley, USC – 25/1

    Nick Foles, Arizona – 28/1

    Darron Thomas, Oregon – 30/1

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  • Published On May. 18, 2011 by Adam Kramer