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This Week in Adorable College Football Costumes


If you and/or your son are still looking for the perfect Halloween costume then perhaps this wonderful Derek Dooley ensemble is the PERFECT solution. The hair is a bit odd, but the pants with Tennessee t-shirt and headset are nothing short of outstanding.

To complete this costume, perhaps mom can go as Barbara Dooley and spend the entire evening telling little Derek how fantastic he looks and how good a job he’s doing bringing in candy.


  • I'm still waiting for the Derek Dooley Ken doll.
  • Published On Oct. 26, 2011 by Adam Kramer
  • Vol Poll: Face Paint or Fake Tan?

    The image above has been discussed at great lengths over the past few days.

    During the Georgia/Tennessee game, the camera turned to the crowd and the following gentlemen with the gray hair was shown. Our entire viewing room immediately caught on to this interesting sight, as did many of you, but the question remains.

    Is this a really bad fake tan or orange face paint?

    I’ve been included in an email chains since Sunday where this debate has ensued, and now I need your help. I understand the photo isn’t ideal – blame my cell phone – but it should give you an idea of what we’re workin’ with here. To solve this matter, we need your help.

    So I must ask…

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  • Published On Oct. 11, 2011 by Adam Kramer
  • Video: Derek Dooley’s Mom Takes Her Thoughts to the Airwaves

    Barbra Dooley, the mother of Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley, does not like to hear criticism of her son.

    She took her thoughts of this recent criticism to the WGAU airwaves this week and was open, VERY OPEN when it comes to defending him. In this fantastic radio rant she discussed what the Tennessee football team was like when her son took over and shared where he believes he ranks in terms of college football coaches around the country.

    Spoiler Alert: She thinks REALLY highly of him.

    For those unfamiliar Barbra Dooley, she does indeed have a radio history. Back in late August, Derek actually banned his mother from going on the very popular Paul Finebaum radio show.

    We hope that this “ban” does not become something that stretches beyond this show. Too many excellent possibilities.

    Video via SportsGrid

  • Published On Oct. 07, 2011 by Adam Kramer