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SuperContest Week 16 Picks: All That’s Left to Do

We’ve reached the “play for pride” portion of the program. Perhaps it was only a matter of time.

My first run in the Westgate Super Contest—courtesy of Odds Shark—has been a roller coaster of sorts. Much of the time, however, I’ve spent trying to climb upward only to full hopelessly down.

As a result, the last two weeks are really all about finishing up. There will be no prizes handed out my way, nor should there be. I just have not gotten it done.

Last week, in many ways, was a summary of how things have done. I had the Bills over the Packers—a lovely little win—although the rest didn’t add up. Miami, despite closing in at half, was eventually blown out. The Titans, despite leading late, gave it up to the Jets. The Eagles and Redskins capped things off by throwing up duds, which is the appropriate word to describe my recent stretch.

But we are not done yet. Although my contest hopes are up in flames, there are still two weeks left and winners (hopefully) to be picked.

And as long as the Odds Shark super computer is still making picks, well, I’m going to do the same. Here are the Week 16 picks. Fade—and I mean fade—accordingly.


49ers (-1) vs. Chargers: At some point, it’s going to come together for San Francisco. That point may come next season with a new coach, but I believe we’ll see signs far earlier than that.

Bears (+6.5) vs. Lions: Betting on Jimmy Clausen is akin to playing that knife game from Aliens. What a horrible, misplaced idea, but when it works, oh does it work. Bears keep it semi-close-ish. 

Cowboys (-3) vs. Colts: Even with Demarco Murray banged up, this brand of football may not matchup well with Indy. I look for the Dallas offensive line to do what it does and the Cowboys to win by a touchdown as a result.

Falcons (+6.5) vs. Saints: In a game that could inexplicably have playoff ramifications, I like Atlanta to put up a good enough fight. It’s hard to predict how both will respond, although I believe the Falcons’ offense is the difference.

Bengals (+3) vs. Broncos: Oh, get your Peyton Narrative-ometers ready. Playing for their playoff lives, however, I think the Dalton Narrative-ometers stay quiet. The Bengals get a surprise win with this very short line.

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  • Published On Dec. 20, 2014 by Adam Kramer
  • SuperContest Week 15 Picks: The Home, $15,000, Turn-it-Around Stretch

    The season, at least from my standpoint, can be salvaged. Disappointment can be erased. Positive financial developments can transpire if the next three weeks go far better than the weeks have gone before it.

    Although my first Westgate SuperContest voyage—courtesy of Odds Shark—has not been the smoothest of trips, the final three weeks of the season present another possibility to cash.

    There’s $15,000 up for grabs to the person (or persons) who deliver the most favorable three-week results. For people like me—people who went 1-4 last week—this presents a rather interesting and favorable proposition. Not all hope is lost…yet.

    Last week, all hope was lost. Losers included the Bears (gross), the Dolphins (gross), the Eagles (nope) and the Chargers (double nope). At some point I will pick against New England and it will lose, although it may not come in this lifetime. (Spoiler: We’re gonna try again, though.)

    The lone winner was the Browns. That concludes this portion of winners.

    I’ve already turned my attention toward more winners, which I hope will come through this week. As always, the goal is to beat Odds Shark’s super smart computer; anything else is gravy.

    Ahoy positive three-game stretches. Maybe. Hopefully.


    Dolphins (+7.5) vs. Patriots: Back to the well—both of them—with feeling. Miami is better than they have looked, and they will show it accordingly.

    Redskins (+6.5) vs. Giants: Curious line here. Given the way the Redskins have looked, it feels like it should be higher. I think Washington offers up a game effort in a loss.

    Titans (+2) vs. Jets: The assumption is that the Jets will look like the more talented, less injured team. Ultimately, however, I think Tennessee finds a way to not lose less.

    Eagles (-3) vs. Cowboys: It won’t be Thanksgiving, but it won’t have to be. Philadelphia picks up the disappointing pieces from last week and wins by (hopefully) more than three.

    Bills (+4.5) vs. Packers: To me, this is the most interesting point spread all week. While Green Bay will ultimately eek out a win, Buffalo makes it tough. 

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  • Published On Dec. 13, 2014 by Adam Kramer
  • SuperContest Week 14 Picks: No Good, Very Bad Thursdays

    I am a glutton for Thursday punishment. This much is clear.

    It’s why I decided to follow-up my Thanksgiving SuperContest massacre by backing the Bears this week, which is another form of punishment in itself.

    We’ll get to that momentarily. But before we do, let’s assess the good and the bad from last week’s SuperContest picks, courtesy of Odds Shark.

    About those Bears. Well, I had them last week against the Lions as well. I also picked the 49ers on T-Day, which made my turkey day one of football carnage. From that point on, however, things improved. My other three picks—the Vikings, Falcons and Jaguars—all won. Jacksonville needed a rather tremendous comeback to complete this victory, although it eventually, thankfully, came.

    The end result was another 3-2 week, which pushed my overall record for the year above .500. That is not where I wanted to be when this whole thing started, although it’s better than where I’ve been.

    As always, the goal is to embarrass Odd Shark’s pick-making super computer. Anything else—preferably a winning week—will do just fine.

    Here are this week’s picks.


    Bears (+3.5) vs. Cowboys: It all looked so lovely on paper, then the Bears’ defense happened. That’s how you start 0-1.

    Miami (+2.5) vs. Ravens: Give me the Dolphins, and more importantly, give me this home field. I’ll take Miami at home and hope the offense has one of its good days.

    Cleveland (+3.5) vs Colts: No Manziel, no worries. I’d love to see him play – and he still might in this game – but that isn’t the plan. In fact, if he plays you might as well count this as a loss, because it means things did not go well at the start.

    Eagles (-1) vs. Seahawks: From an overall watchability standpoint, this one is quite high. I love the way Philly is playing right now, and I think they best the defending champs outside their arena.

    Chargers (+3.5) vs. Patriots: While many will forecast a bounce back for New England, I’m going the other way. At home, I like San Diego to cover and win this one outright.

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  • Published On Dec. 07, 2014 by Adam Kramer