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The ‘On the Line’ Handicapping Podcast: Week 7

Writing in “Week 7″ was somewhat alarming. It’s incredible how fast the season progresses without much warning.

Let’s not dwell on lost hours. Let’s celebrate the season in its entirety, and more specifically, the games directly in front of us. That’s the theme for this week’s OTL podcast, and we’re sprinkling in important conversation regarding our favorite 30 for 30s as well.  (Spoiler: The answer to almost any 30 for 30-related question is “all of them” or The Two Escobars.)

Listen below, listen on  iTunes (where you should totally subscribe and tell others to subscribe) or listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy. See you next week.


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  • Published On Oct. 09, 2014 by Adam Kramer
  • SuperContest Week 5 Picks: Time to Make a Move

    At some point, if I’m hoping to be/stay competitive in the SuperContest, I’m going to have to make a move.

    Why not now? And more importantly, why not make a surge during a week that could be very public or, hopefully, the exact opposite?

    My first SuperContest appearance has not been the smoothest of sailing. Thanks to Odds Shark, I’m in the world’s most incredible football pick ‘em pool for the very first time, and thus far, well, that’s about all you can say about it. Last week was better (but not by much).

    I won with the Vikings and the Chiefs—two picks I felt good about—and lost with the Jets (ugh), Titans (double ugh) and the 49ers. The San Francisco loss was particularly hard to stomach given how that game transpired and the line given, but that’s the way it goes.

    Looking ahead to this week—because that’s been a theme thus far—I’m hoping for a 4-1 or 5-0 week to help turn around fortunes. In an effort to jumpstart matters, I’m siding away from the plays that should be very public and putting on an ill-fitting wise guy cap.

    Here are the SuperContest plays for Week 5. Play and/or fade accordingly.

    Patriots +1 vs. Bengals: After the debacle that was last week, New England bounces back big at home in the game your sucker buddy has been touting all week. He LOVES Cincinnati because of course he does. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

    Bills +7 vs. Lions: Kyle Orton, neck beard and all, is strangely competent. And while Buffalo has struggled over the past two weeks, the quarterback change will help immensely en route to a cover.

    Texans +5.5 vs. Cowboys: Dallas has been one the bigger surprises this far of the young NFL season, and yet—outside of New Orleans, and who knows how good the Saints are—it hasn’t exactly come against premier competition. The Texans aren’t exactly elite, but it does have pieces and I like the, in this spot.

    Saints -10 vs. Buccaneers: Speaking of the Saints, New Orleans, like my picks, has to get it right at some point. This might not be a Super Bowl team, but there’s entirely too much offense to be this average. Playing against Tampa Bay coming off a big win, NO wins for fun. Hopefully.

    Eagles -7 vs. Rams: Speaking of getting it right, the Philly offense can’t get much worse than it’s been thus far. With the Rams on deck and a necessary home visit in the cards, however, the Eagles should be able to get right in a big way. (Aka, a victory by double digits.)

    The Odds Shark super computer and I are going to head-to-head on one matchup, agreeing on one and going our separate ways for the others. The computer doesn’t want a piece of these picks, clearly.

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  • Published On Oct. 05, 2014 by Adam Kramer
  • The ‘On the Line’ Handicapping Podcast: Week 6

    I don’t need to lecture on how good this week is; you’re already plenty aware.

    With that said, I’m going to lecture on how good this week of college football is, at least momentarily: It’s really, really good.

    OK, now that we got that over, let’s get to the games: Alabama-Ole Miss, Miss State-Texas A&M, Stanford-Notre Dame, Oklahoma-TCU, Michigan State-Nebraska and soooooooo much more were covered here. Also, things get kind of weird at the end, which is always fun.

    Listen below, listen on  iTunes (where you should totally subscribe and tell others to subscribe) or listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy. See you next week.


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      Miguel "Mikey C" Cortez
  • Published On Oct. 01, 2014 by Adam Kramer