Video: Watch a recruit bench 515 pounds… three times

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 23, 2014

Kansas guard Braden Smith is one of the top players at his position in the class of 2014. He’s 18. He weighs 290 pounds. He also just bench-pressed 515 pounds three times – as in more than once – which feels incredibly important from a “how can that be?” standpoint.

This is also a reminder that high school football players are a bit more advanced than they were when you played, and “Can he bench a vending machine?” is now a reasonable thing to check off. In this instance, be sure to check the “yes” box.

Yes, the spotter held on the entire time, which will certainly generate an uproar from the weight lifting police in attendance. But keep in mind that this young man is 18 AND HE’S BENCH PRESSING A SMALL CAR WITH A SCOOTER IN THE TRUNK.

Kids these days.

[h/t SB Nation]

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  • Updated College Football Playoff odds posted at Bovada

    By Adam Kramer   Jan. 13, 2014

    The online sportsbook has seen its national championship odds shift plenty in less than a week. Florida State and Alabama remain the two teams on top – no surprise there – although everything else looks a bit different.

    As for where they stand now, here’s an updated list. For reference purposes, here are the odds the day after the national championship concluded.

    Florida State 4/1

    Alabama 13/2

    Oregon 9/1

    Ohio State 12/1

    Oklahoma 12/1

    Auburn 18/1

    LSU 18/1

    Michigan State 18/1

    UCLA 18/1

    Stanford 20/1

    Baylor 25/1

    Georgia 25/1

    USC 25/1

    Mississippi 33/1

    Missouri 33/1

    Notre Dame 33/1

    Oklahoma State 33/1

    South Carolina 33/1

    Texas 33/1

    Wisconsin 33/1

    Clemson 40/1

    Florida 40/1

    Michigan 40/1

    Arizona State 50/1

    Miami 50/1

    Texas A&M 50/1

    Iowa 66/1

    Kansas State 66/1

    Louisville 66/1

    Nebraska 66/1

    Tennessee 66/1

    Washington 66/1

    Arizona 75/1

    Mississippi State 75/1

    North Carolina 75/1

    Oregon State 75/1

    Arkansas 100/1

    UCF 100/1

    Virginia Tech 100/1

    BYU 150/1

    TCU 150/1

    Boise State 200/1

    Boston College 200/1

    California 200/1

    Cincinnati 200/1

    Georgia Tech 200/1

    Pittsburgh 200/1

    Rutgers 200/1

    South Florida 200/1

    West Virginia 200/1

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  • Bovada posts National Championship Odds for the 2014-2015 Season

    By Adam Kramer   Jan. 07, 2014

    Writing “College Football Playoff” is going to require a little time, and we’ll get there. With the online sportsbook Bovada releasing national championship odds on the 2014-2015 season, however, we’re diving deep into this unfamiliar College Football Playoff pool and we don’t care if there’s any water.

    Yes, these will change. Yes, there will be departures and additions that shift these dramatically over the next eight months (oh God, eight months.)

    But there are odds for the next college football season, and that’s important. At the very least, it will distract you from the fact that football is now over and the darkness has arrived.

    Here are Bovada’s odds to win the first College Football Playoff, and the last BCS champion, to the surprise of no one, will enter the offseason as the favorite. The rest of the odds are as follows.

    Florida State 11/2

    Alabama 13/2

    Stanford 9/1

    Ohio State 10/1

    Oregon 12/1

    Auburn 14/1

    Michigan State 20/1

    Oklahoma 20/1

    Baylor 25/1

    Clemson 25/1

    Florida 25/1

    Georgia 25/1

    LSU 25/1

    South Carolina 25/1

    Texas A&M 25/1

    UCLA 25/1

    Notre Dame 33/1

    USC 33/1

    Iowa 40/1

    Missouri 40/1

    Oklahoma State 40/1

    Wisconsin 40/1

    Louisville 50/1

    Miami 50/1

    Michigan 50/1

    Nebraska 50/1

    North Carolina 50/1

    Texas 50/1

    Arizona State 66/1

    Mississippi 66/1

    Oregon State 66/1

    UCF 66/1

    Washington 66/1

    Arizona 100/1

    Arkansas 100/1

    Boise State 100/1

    Boston College 100/1

    BYU 100/1

    California 100/1

    Cincinnati 100/1

    Georgia Tech 100/1

    Kansas State 100/1

    Mississippi State 100/1

    Pittsburgh 100/1

    Rutgers 100/1

    South Florida 100/1

    TCU 100/1

    Tennessee 100/1

    Virginia Tech 100/1

    West Virginia 100/1

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