Weight Loss: Common Sense Factors

Experts that sell diet supplements and give diet hints, all basically say the same thing over and over again, just in different ways. It’s not because they want to copy each other, it’s because they know the basics of what they are saying is true. There is one big problem however and that is everybody that is considered overweight is all thrown into the same boat and given the same instructions.

Each and everyone of us have a unique body. There are no two bodies in the world that are identical. So how can the diet that promises that you will lose 5 pounds in 10 days for example, are so sure that everyone that is on it will achieve these results. So when you get involved in a diet such as this type, do not be discouraged and blame yourself if it doesn’t work, or you didn’t get the results they said you should. There are some common sense factors that you need to remember, and use as your overall guideline: You can supplement these with any type of diet plan that you feel would be beneficial:


Eat Sensibly:

Eat healthy foods and get rid of the bad foods.

Plenty of Water:

Drinking plenty of water has many benefits that most of us are aware of. Assisting in a weight loss regime is just one of them. First it helps to create a full feeling which for short periods of time suppresses the appetite. Perhaps even more beneficial, is it flushes the toxins out of the system. The more toxins that are eliminated from the body the better it performs.

Plenty of Water

The Dieters Friend – Fiber

It keeps your bowels working regularly, which gets the waste out of your system. Logically thinking who wants waste building up in their bodies? Plant foods are your best supply. The added bonus about fiber foods is they are lower in calories. So they will make you feel fuller as well.

Step Up That Eating

Sounds strange doesn’t it. It means eat more often but smaller portions. It will help you reduce your quantities.



Eat The Fat

No not the bad fats. This means the good ones like the omega 3’s found in fish.

These are the common sense basics of any diet for weight loss. Really concentrate on incorporating them into your daily living. Before you realize it you will have crossed a big hurdle in your fight against fat.

Different Types of Outdoor Sports You Can Learn To Love

With the arrival of good weather, we all want to go out more and it is more common to start practicing outdoor sports. Here is a list of outdoor sports that you can learn to love.

Cycling:  Apart from being a means of transport increasingly used in society, the bicycle is a good aid to exercise our muscles and joints. Depending on the route you choose, each day allows you to face different intensities and ground, with good views, pure air, and nature.

Running: This seems the most ‘quoted’ outdoor sport. The truth is that running can be done anywhere: a park, the streets, a sea passage, etc. Any place you live will be ideal for practicing this outdoor sport. Also, it does not require any investment as you only need comfortable clothes and good shoes for running and enjoy the outdoors.

Skating: This sport does need investment in good skates in addition to a terrain that allows them to slide easily. However, this is less and less difficult to achieve because every day there are more towns and cities that are inhabiting areas for skating or bike paths, where you can also practice them.

Swimming: If you live in a beach place, forget the closed and heated pools and throw yourself into the ocean. Enjoy nature, the outdoors and the great benefits of saltwater for the skin and blood circulation.

Volleyball: This is an ideal sport for summer times since most of the beaches have a special net to play volleyball. So you just need a ball and want to have fun.

Basketball: Another option is to look for a basketball court or you can even install a basket if you have enough space in your garden. With this option, you will not even need to form teams, you can do one on one and see who is the best hitting the ball.

Tennis, badminton:  Racket sports are also ideal for outdoor play, you can choose the one that you like or better you get: tennis, badminton, ping pong … It will also depend on the facilities you have near home.

Golf: For those who prefer a quieter sport, with golf, you can play with more people, but also use it to escape for a while and get carried away by the green grass of the field.

Yoga: Do you like quieter sports? A healthy and relaxing practice. With this discipline, you will train both body and soul. With the rhythms to which we live many times, we do not control the head, so if you manage to do so you will really relax. Some hours of the day such as sunrise or sunset are ideal for practicing yoga in a park or on the beach. If you live in a coastal area, you can encourage yourself to try the water, surely its temperature will start to rise shortly, and launch you to swim or dive.