SuperContest Week 16 Picks: All That’s Left to Do

We’ve reached the “play for pride” portion of the program. Perhaps it was only a matter of time.

My first run in the Westgate Super Contest—courtesy of Odds Shark—has been a roller coaster of sorts. Much of the time, however, I’ve spent trying to climb upward only to full hopelessly down.

As a result, the last two weeks are really all about finishing up. There will be no prizes handed out my way, nor should there be. I just have not gotten it done.

Last week, in many ways, was a summary of how things have done. I had the Bills over the Packers—a lovely little win—although the rest didn’t add up. Miami, despite closing in at half, was eventually blown out. The Titans, despite leading late, gave it up to the Jets. The Eagles and Redskins capped things off by throwing up duds, which is the appropriate word to describe my recent stretch.

But we are not done yet. Although my contest hopes are up in flames, there are still two weeks left and winners (hopefully) to be picked.

And as long as the Odds Shark supercomputer is still making picks, well, I’m going to do the same. Here are the Week 16 picks. Fade—and I mean fade—accordingly.

49ers (-1) vs. Chargers: At some point, it’s going to come together for San Francisco. That point may come next season with a new coach, but I believe we’ll see signs far earlier than that.

Bears (+6.5) vs. Lions: Betting on Jimmy Clausen is akin to playing that knife game from Aliens. What a horrible, misplaced idea, but when it works, oh does it work. Bears keep it semi-close-ish. 

Cowboys (-3) vs. Colts: Even with Demarco Murray banged up, this brand of football may not match up well with Indy. I look for the Dallas offensive line to do what it does and the Cowboys to win by a touchdown as a result.

Falcons (+6.5) vs. Saints: In a game that could inexplicably have playoff ramifications, I like Atlanta to put up a good enough fight. It’s hard to predict how both will respond, although I believe the Falcons’ offense is the difference.

Bengals (+3) vs. Broncos: Oh, get your Peyton Narrative-ometers ready. Playing for their playoff lives, however, I think the Dalton Narrative-ometers stay quiet. The Bengals get a surprise win with this very short line.