SuperContest Week 17 Picks: This is the End

I suppose the headline says everything that needs to be said. This is indeed the end.

My first voyage into the Westgate SuperContest (courtesy of Odds Shark) will end with a whimper. Well, sort of.

I’m out of the money and out of all levels of respectability when it comes to season-long picking. However, I did pull off a 4-1 performance in Week 16, and I’m hoping to close out the season favorably. This is what playing for pride looks like, but we’re doing it anyway.

Before we look ahead at these “playing for pride” picks, here’s what happened last weekend.

The lone loss came in truly horrific fashion. The 49ers, comfortably ahead, managed to slip on a banana peel against San Diego. Outside of this ugly one to stomach, the rest was quite positive. The Bears, Falcons, Cowboys, and Bengals all covered, which was encouraging. It wasn’t enough to get me in the mix for the mini-contest, although, again, baby steps.

With that out of the way, here are the final picks for Week 17. Even though it has not exactly gone my way, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it. Here are the five picks we’re ending with.

Packers (-7.5) vs. Lions: I think a great deal of Detroit’s defense, but the loss at the center and overall quarterback edge are why I’m laying the hook here.

49ers (-6) vs. Cardinals: The great Harbaugh finale will end… on a high note. Although the head coach is out after this game, San Fran takes advantage of a rough QB situation with a victory.

Bills (+4.5) vs. Pats: It’s an interesting situation for a game, one where motivation will certainly play a role. New England, ready for the playoffs, just squeaks past a very good Buffalo defense.

Titans (+7) vs. Colts: Indy has not played well and Tennessee is eying an early draft pick. With all that on the table, the Titans stay close to the struggling Colts in the finale.

Giants (-3) vs. Eagles: With the playoffs out of the equation, Chip Kelly and Co. go golfing. New York closes out the regular season with a win over its NFC East rival.