On the Line Handicapping Podcast: Betting the Big 12

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 08, 2014

You can bet the Little League World Series. The On the Line Handicapping Podcast is here to help you.

That feels like an odd place to start with a college football gambling podcast dedicated to the Big 12, but it’s where we started. From there, we talked Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas, Kansas State and others while trying to decipher a conference that looks very top heavy from a distance.

Listen below, listen on  iTunes, listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy.


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  • On the Line Handicapping Podcast: National Championship Betting

    By Adam Kramer   Jul. 23, 2014

    Last week we talked about the Heisman. This week we’re all about national championship gamblin’.

    The On the Line podcast returns, readying for another year of college football handicapping. Before we dive into each conference – and we will do just that next week – we’re looking at the bigger picture: favorites we like, some of the longer odds that figure, and even some of the new playoff odds.

    We also spent a lot of time on the Florida State punting situation, which is weird. I promise it will make sense after you listen. Maybe.

    Listen below, listen on  iTunes, listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy.


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  • Bovada posts conference championship odds

    By Adam Kramer   Jul. 17, 2014

    The online sportsbook Bovada.lv has added to its arsenal of betting options, posting conference championship odds for each of the Power 5 conferences as the season inches closer.

    Your favorites are, well, obvious. Florida State is the most significant favorite on the board, checking in at 4/11 to win the ACC. Oklahoma and Ohio State are also less than even money to win their conferences, while Oregon and Alabama round out your other favorites at just a shade over 1/1.

    As for a full rundown of the odds, here they are.


    The ACC


    The Big 12

    Big 12

    The Big Ten


    The Pac-12


    The SEC


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