The ‘On the Line’ Handicapping Podcast: Week 10

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 30, 2014

Somehow, it is Week 10. It looks like a misprint and it feels even worse to type. The season is progressing at an alarming rate, which means you really need to stop being productive on the weekends and start wasting away full days in front of the TV.

That’s where the OTL Podcast comes in, a medium to help make this a reality. Games touched on this week include: FSU-Louisville, Ole Miss-Auburn, Georgia-Florida, TCU-West Virginia and many more.

Listen below, listen on  iTunes (where you should totally subscribe and tell others to subscribe) or listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy.


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  • The ‘On the Line’ Handicapping Podcast: Week 8

    By Adam Kramer   Oct. 17, 2014

    We’re late this week, and for that, we’re sorry. We promise we good excuses about being sick, pressing deadlines and babies on the way, but we will not lean on those. Instead, we will offer you a podcast that may or may not be worth your time. What a deal!

    Yes, there’s Notre Dame-Florida State; there’s also plenty of other games hit in the Week 8 OTL podcast. We’re already late, so let’s get to it.

    Listen below, listen on  iTunes (where you should totally subscribe and tell others to subscribe) or listen on your Android device. Wherever you listen, we hope you enjoy.


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  • SuperContest Week 6 Picks: The Beat Goes On

    By Adam Kramer   Oct. 12, 2014

    The comeback attempt was halted, thrown right into a brick wall.

    My first SuperContest experience, courtesy of Odds Shark, has been up and down—mainly down—and Week 5 seemed like the moment in time when the climb upward might gain some momentum. The underdogs did their part, although the favorites did not cooperate.

    The Bills and Texans each battled back after slow starts, providing necessary early victories in the win column. On Sunday night, the Patriots proved to be the play, which gave me three wins on the week. (That’s not all that impressive, but given recent results we’re celebrating baby steps accordingly.)

    The bad came in the form of the two favorites played: Philadelphia and New Orleans. While the Saints never really looked all that live after the first quarter, the Eagles’ loss certainly stung. They were up big until they weren’t. As a result, a potentially solid week turned into another “meh” showing. Just toss it in the pile.

    Turning forward, we’re again embracing underdogs for this week’s picks, at least for the most part. And as always, the goal is to beat the Odds Shark super computer and make it cry robot tears.

    Here are my five SuperContest selections; please fade/mock accordingly.


    Raiders (+7) vs. Chargers: This, to me, is the most intriguing line on the board for the entire week, and San Diego will undoubtedly garner plenty of interest. Oakland, however, has been competitive in this series and it will be again, maybe. Well, competitive enough.

    Bills (+3) vs. Patriots: Even though the Pats looked much improved last week, New England is not fixed. Look for Buffalo’s defense to assert itself and for Kyle Orton—yes, that one—to get it done at home.

    Rams (+3.5) vs. San Francisco: St. Louis, despite the losses, has looked mighty competent. San Francisco, despite the wins, still has glaring holes. Interesting spot here, and I think the home team plays big in primetime.

    Seahawks (-8) vs. Cowboys: Seattle is the only favorite I picked this week, and I think this matchup works in its favor. As good as Dallas has looked—and as magnificent as the Cowboys’ o-line is—Seattle, at home, is another beast entirely.

    Giants (+3) vs. Eagles: At some point, Chip Kelly’s offense has to return to form, yes? Well, probably, but the New York team not named the Jets has very quietly turned things around. The Giants, offensively, will be too much here.

    As always, let’s get some winners not embarrass ourselves.

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