Oklahoma State’s Big 12 bling has arrived

Oklahoma State conquered their rivals, conquered their conference, and they were just a few plays away from securing a spot in the national championship. You can argue whether they still should have been in that game, no question, but regardless of whether you’re still stomping your feet in disgust or not, Oklahoma State did tremendous things in 2011 and early 2012.

Having a season like this certainly comes with perks. Mike Gundy got a very nice raise and Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden are about to cash in via the NFL Draft. But what about the rest of this Big 12 Championship team?

Winning your conference can get you a whole lot of bling these days, as seen by Oklahoma State’s 2011 Big 12 Championship rings (just in) below.

This comes courtesy of defensive end Jamie Blatnick’s Twitter page, and these ring watches could likely cause blindness if the sun hit it the wrong (right?) way.

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