Trick Shot Quarterbacks: Part 2

More unknown trick shot QB videos? Sure, why not.

UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee got the ball rolling with his amazing trick shot video that has been seen more than four million times in just a handful of weeks. Now, other talented but somewhat lesser known QBs are following his lead.

Next up: Monmouth (IL) College gunslinger Alex Tanney.

Tanney has seen quite a bit of playing time and has accounted for 94 touchdowns in only two full seasons of work. Although he suffered an injury and could not participate in the 2010 season, Tanney will now try to test his luck in the NFL. From a trick shot perspective, he probably has a mid-first early/second draft grade. Overall, however, we will have to wait and see.

Sure, the QB trick shot video has been done before, but we’ll take anything we can get. It’s the offseason and we need entertainment. While it doesn’t have the same overall buzz as the original, and the music doesn’t quite match up to the first video, you’ll absolutely want to see some of the throws made below. – kegs n eggs

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